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Sea and Lake

In front of the Kabbelaarsbank you will find a 26 meter high observation tower. After your climb you will be rewarded with a beautiful view.

At sea, you can kitesurf, blokart and enjoy the nice beach restaurants. The beach is wide. At the Grevelingenlake you can do all water sports (sailing, windsurfing, canoe). The nice cities of Ouddorp and Renesse are nearby.

Restaurant and



Yachtclub Marina Port Zélande has a nice restaurant in the apartmentcomplex of Harbourmaisonnette at sea. 


The 4 most excellent beach clubs within walking distance:

for Brouw it is 400 m to the right,

for Natural High you go 600 m to the left.

For 't Gorsje walk or cycle, 2.5 km to the right and

the new Strandclub Zee is a kilometre to the left.

For all other activities that you can do at the beach clubs (blokart, kite surfing etc.) and the menu please check the websites. The links:

Yachtclub Marina Port Zélande

Strandpaviljone Brouw

Beachclub Natural High

Beachclub 't Gorsje

Zee Strandclub

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